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 CompnTemp - Compensating Developing Timer - Purchase

Payment can be made via Paypal (buyer does not need a paypal account). If you would rather pay by personal check or money order, please email and you'll receive payment details.

Sales Tax for California residents and shipping for the CD will be added to the order.

CompnTemp Software - email delivery: $85.00  
CompnTemp Software - CD: $85.00 + $10.00 for CD + shipping  - mail delivery
You will also need to purchase a Vernier GoTemp USB temperature probe
Also, consult the manual or the "Requirements and Recommendations" page for other options you may need or want to run the timer.
New - CompnTemp Kit

I have put together a kit for the CompnTemp timer. The kit contains everything you need, except the computer, to use the CompnTemp timer in your darkroom. The cost is $195 (including shipping USA and Canada, + $20 shipping elsewhere ) and the kit contains: the current version of the CompnTemp Software, a Vernier Go!Temp Temperature probe, a Ross probe clamp and a sheet of rubylith for a safelight filter for the monitor*. Everything you need, except the computer, to run the CompnTemp compensating developing timer.

*As with any new light source in the darkroom, you should do your own film/paper fog test with the timer and your computer before you develop.
Reminder: Before you buy
Test your computer for darkroom use, light leaks, paper fogging
Read the "educational use" disclaimer about the GoTemp probe on Vernier's web site
Read the Before you Begin section of the CompnTemp manual.
test the demo version of CompnTemp on your computer