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All photographs are fiber-based silver gelatin prints. Print sizes are 4x5, 8x10, 11x14 and 16x20. Most photographs are only printed in a subset of these sizes that best suits that photograph. Photographs are printed on fiber based paper, Selenium toned, and dry-mounted to acid-free 4-ply mat board. Inquiries about purchasing prints are welcome.

 Photographer Information

I have been making photographs since 2000. My initial experience with black & white photography started with my Dad's old Kodak Duaflex II camera and a Vivitar enlarger & darkroom kit. The darkroom was set up intermittently in one of the bathrooms in the house were I grew up. The best outcome of my early photo experience is that I choose to live in a photography themed dorm (it had a darkroom with supplies) when I went off to college. It was at this dorm that I met the love of my life, and we have now been married 20+ years.
After college, life got in the way, until I began photographing seriously again around 2000. I look for photographs in the nature world of both the traditional landscape and abstract shape and form. Photographers such as Ansel Adams, Edward & Brett Weston, Wynn Bullock and Ruth Bernhard inspire me. The large format view camera that I use allows for a quiet, contemplative process that I enjoy while photographing the landscape. I work exclusively with black and white film and paper in a traditional wet darkroom to create my images.

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 Cameras & Darkroom

I use almost exclusively, a large format camera in my photography. My current camera is Chamonix 045n 4x5. I also use Mamaya RB67 when the occasion calls for it. I use Ilford FP4+ and HP5+ film , developed in Kodak HC110. I print mainly with Ilford Multigrade IV FB and use a LPL 4500 enlarger