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 Software: CompnTemp Timer - Compensating Developing Timer

CompnTemp main
Version 1.11 has been released. What's new in version 1.11: single click zero and restart in count up mode; option for profile label display in main window - shows current profile; Start/stop beep in count down mode - very useful if using timer in total darkness.
What was new in version 1.1: compensation curve for Zone VI film-like compensation. Fully functional Celsius slidebars, Metronome beep with user settable interval.
Read a review by Eric Biggerstaff and Alan Ross, the review (with photos) is published in the May/June 08 View Camera.

A Java application that uses a USB temperature probe to monitor developer temperature and runs the clock faster or slower to compensate for temperature fluctuations in the developer. CompnTemp, CT for short, reads the developer temperature using a USB temperature probe and compares this to a target temperature. It compensates for fluctuations in developer temperature by slowing down or speeding up the timer to maintain constant development. CT is described in detail in the PDF manual. A demo mode of the program is available for free. The demo mode does NOT allow use of the temperature probe, the effects of changing temperature can be see by using slider to change the temperature setting. The full version of CompnTemp is available for $85.00. The user must also purchase a temperature probe form Vernier (approx $40). A kit containing the CompnTemp software, GoTemp temperature probe, probe clamp and a sheet of rubylith (a monitor safelight filter) is now available. A list of requirements and recommendations can be found here. The software was first released in March 2008.

NEW - CompnTemp Kit - Click for Details

Toggle between real and Comp Time
Fahrenheit or Celsius
User settable target temperature
Keyboard or pull-down menu options to set time
Optional remote USB 10-keypad start-stop & time input
Programmable compensation curve
Choice of three default compensation curves:
      Zone VI film, Zone VI paper, Ilford film
User selected options (profiles) are savable
Restorable default profiles
Easily switch between profiles
Count-down or Count-up timer modes
Alert sound in countdown mode, at 00:05 sec.
Multiple print processing option in count-down mode
Metronome beep, at user defined intervals
Requirements and Recommendations