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 CompnTemp - Compensating Developing Timer - Requirements and Recommendations

Computer: Apple OSX (tested on 10.4 and higher) or Windows PC (tested with XP, Vista and Windows 7)
Vernier GoTemp USB temperature probe
Java installed on Computer
Safelight filter for Computer monitor
Secondary mouse (or other input device; footswitch) for remote start/stop of timer
Clamp to hold probe in tray:
   Alan Ross's Go!Temp clamp
   or 3M Marine Reclosable Attachment - extra strong water resistant velcro.
Before you buy
Test your computer for darkroom use, light leaks, paper fogging
Read the "educational use" disclaimer about the GoTemp probe on Vernier's web site
Read the Before you Begin section of the CompnTemp manual.
test the demo version of CompnTemp on your computer
Mac OSX Demo version
Windows PC Demo version There are issues with the windows installer, and it may complain about the software alrady being installed and not install the newer version. If this happens you can uninstall the old version from the add/remove programs in the Windows control panel and then install the new version. Your saved CompnTemp preferences will not be lost.
CompnTemp Software   
You will also need to purchase a GoTemp probe from Vernier
Options and Suggested Sources
 (see Users Manual for more details)
Safelight Filter for Screen
    Red Acrlyic Sheet plastic TAP plastics or other plastic supply store
    8"x10" safelight filter Used - online auction (expensive new)
    Rubylith Masking Film available on ebay - search for rubylith
    Lee 026 Bright Red theatrical gel Filmtools or other photo supply store
Clamp for temperature probe
    Ross Clamp email Alan Ross
    3M Marine Reclosable Attachment TAP plastics
     -extra strong water resistant velcro.  
USB Footswitch Delcom Products
Questions, Comments, or Technical problems with the downloads/install:
Email the CompnTemp developers.